An E-mail from Ashley Ashcroft

Awok dapat email ni 15 Februari yang lepaih (lepas).....
awok macam tak pecaye....
sebabnye die gune email address yang mencurigekan...
address email die....

ape pandangan kome????
kalo kome ghajin(rajin) bace le email die kat bawah ni...

Hayley Ascroft

How are you? I just returned from my oversea trip back to Scotland.I hope your not surprised that I contacted you in this manner.Never mind,it is quite necessary to introduce myself ,I am Miss Ascroft Aisha Hayley,I work with Marathon Oil Ltd UK as assistant senior supervisor.

It might interest you to know that I have Asian blood, my dad came from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia and my mom from Surabaya in Indonesia ,my both parents lived in UK,unfortunately I lost my dad when I was still in college, and that was the reason why I had no opportunity of knowing my father's relatives but it is ok. It is my heart desire to take vacation leave from our company and visit Asia for the first time .It is no longer a news that Asia is developing so fast and catching up with developed countries with a lot of tourist attraction centers,it gives me so much joy because I want to witness it and be part of it.

I do not mean to inconvenience you ,I do not want to employ a tourist guide when you are there.I will appreciate it if you can spare your time to welcome and accompany me,never mind I will take care of the expenses. Could you please tell me little about yourself and let me know the nearest airport to you?
I await for your reply
My Regards

6 Responses to "An E-mail from Ashley Ashcroft"

  1. Salam Yob Shahril, kaki kelentong jer ni. Kalau Yob baca betul2, surat ni cam bercakap to no one in particular i.e untuk ramai orang! Memula nanti kalau Yob reply, dia masuk jarum, berkenalan, bertukar idea, nanti jatuh hati...nak datang, nanti kat airport kata dia kena tahan imigresen pastu minta Yob bail ribu-riban. Cam kes lelaki Afrika. Tapi kalau Yob layan, best gak nak tau apa jadi. Layan ler..layan ler...

  2. hahaha...
    mmg langsung x boleh percaya..

  3. setuju ngan kak halima.. nakei yak kak halima nih hihihihi...

  4. salam yop,nipu jer ni ..jgn le cayee....skrg ni mcm2 ide SCAMMERS nk nipu kite...

    amboih ghajen dah godek2 blog,ghope pun dah berubah lg ;)

  5. salam yob, tak usah dilyan la emel cam gini..buang masa je yob..


Kome nak mintak tolong ..ato nak info ape2 kabo je... Insyallah awok tolong.....

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